Sunny day in London!!

16 maj

Today the sun was shining when we woke up, and we went to have breakfast at the Victoria Embankment Gardens cafe, as planned. WE really can recommend this place, if you live near by, and don’t want to have breakfast at your hotel. The coffee was actually GOOD, and for the first time in Britain I liked the bacon!! Before 11:00 AM is the price 6:80 whatever you choose, and it included a Latte (or another hot drink). At this time of year the garden is absolutely beautyful because of all the flowers.


Later on, we went to finish our shopping, presents to our cat-sitter and coffee beans and body-shop lotion, and on our way back, we discovered a new shop, that we never have heard of before Patagonia – which is a store I have to dedicate a special post for, when we come home, but defenately interesting, if you climb, swim, surfe or just like outdoor- clothing. The manager was very friendly and told us a lot about the compagny.


I didnt find the prices very expensive, even that it mostly was organic. They also had a recycle system, which we found very interesting!


Even though we had good coffee at Victoria Embankment Garden, we also had coffee at Monmouth today 🙂


I took this picture of one of the employers that we recognize from years back!


Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, changed our close – sandals and crops!! The sun was shining, at it was just lovely!


Pølseboden ligger ved Palace Gates helt ovre til venstre på kortet


We went to Victoria & Albert, to see the  Davie Bowie exebition, but was in good time, so we went to Hide park, and had lunch in a small place where they had the most fantastic sausages (Hot-dogs) free range , with a very special mustard, I was really excited!!


And after the Bowie exebition, which were quite amazing , we hurried to the hotel because of these :


Later, that evening were we in the Shard, but that needs a special post, and likewise the great dinner we had at Zizzi’s on the Shad Thames.



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