English it is ( I think)

29 dec

Yesterday, Henrik wrote (in danish) that he was alright with me trying my best  english, and can understand why he prefers danish when he is writing such long articles. I may admit, that my english  is not perfect, but it might be as good as Google translater 🙂

I will, in the future – and Henrik did agree – translate some of his writing, so others can understand what we write about. Most of the links are referring  to english pages, which meens that people from all over the world might find our blog useful.

I will also translate some of our earlier pastes, mostly these which give important information about how to manage in London.

Hopefully this will not disapoint our readers, but in the contrary please more people.

Right now I can only think of this:


And especially this: (and I think it is only 69 days now?)

Favorite place

Favorite place: Neals Yeard



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